09 November 2010

This weekend in Sports

This weekend I had quite a few moments that went something like this:
Internal dialogue: wtf?!
External action: Reach for remote, hit rewind, rewatch, repeat thought, rewind again, rewatch again
Did anyone else experience this? Oh, and baseball is finally over. Woot!

(See my first "What Surprised Me" for the explanation of this picture)

What I liked:
  • Zetterberg scored the winning goal for the Detroit Red Wings against the Phoenix Coyotes last night in overtime making the final score 3-2.
  • One of this week's biggest stories - yesterday, Wade Phillips was fired by the Dallas Cowboys. Who didn't see this coming? Seriously? (Oh, and the interest in this news apparently crashed the Cowboys' website...damn the bad luck!)
  • The highest scoring game in Big 10 history took place this weekend between Michigan and Illinois. Michigan won 67-65. Didn't the Big 10 used to be known for defense?
  • The Lakers are 7-0 for the fifth time in franchise history. I want to say good for them, I just really hate this team.

What I didn't like:
  • Lion's QB, Matt Stafford, who had just come back from a shoulder injury, reinjured his shoulder on Sunday. This is his fourth injury in two years. At least he got almost a full game in before he was put out of commission for the rest of the season.
  • Texas was embarassed by a 39-14 loss to Kansas State. It was 39-0 going into the fourth quarter. (Fire Greg Davis!)
  • #2 Auburn's QB, Cam Newton, is being investigated for reports of cheating, academic ineligibility, and recruitment practices. Isn't he supposed to be the front runner for the Heisman? Sounds a little like the Reggie Bush situation to me...just a little.
  • This weekend when the Magic were playing the Bobcats, a Bobcats player fell and it never got wiped up. Next time down the court, Vince Carter slipped and fell in the very same place and now has a hip injury. Stan Van Gundy (coach of the Magic) is pissed.

What surprised me:
  • I totally expect to see fights in hockey and even baseball, but NASCAR?! This weekend at Texas Motor Speedway after Jeff Burton wrecked Jeff Gordon, that's kind of what we got. I do have to say, I really really enjoyed Jeff Burton's interview afterwards. Very well spoken. Also, Jeff Gordon's pit crew was running faster and more efficiently than his teammate Jimmie Johnson's, so they immediately swapped pit crews (during the race) and Jimmie Johnson will keep Jeff's pit crew for the remainder of the season since he is in championship contention and Jeff Gordon is not.
  • Sounds like ESPN wants to take the NHL from NBC
  • LeBron says the Cowboys are "his team." Aren't they "America's team?" Does that make him America? Who knew LaBron was a narcissist!
  • Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder is, understandably, livid after Ravens fullback La'Ron McClain spit in his face during the game this weekend. McClain says spit might have flown while he was speaking - that's not what the video shows. Disgusting. Why hasn't this guy been heavily fined/suspended? I mean, they're fining the crap out of players for hitting other players and that's part of their job!
Drama, drama.

Addition: This trick play by a middle school football team in Driscoll, Tx is awesome!

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