12 June 2012

Mini Banana Splits

Photo from Pinterest
It's time to break out the seasonal fruit! We love strawberries and pineapple. These hors d'oeuvres would be great for any backyard bbq.


Halved Strawberries
Banana Slices
Chopped Pineapple
Melted Chocolate (Dark or Milk)

Arrange the pineapple, banana slice and halved fruit pieces on a toothpick and then dip one side into the melted chocolate. Place on wax paper to cool. 

08 June 2012

Fist Pump Friday Summer Series: Eagles - Take It Easy

This is an amazing timeless classic. If you are going on a road trip this summer, do not forget to put this song on your ipod. 

02 June 2012

Fist Pump Friday Summer Series: Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime

We are starting to put Fist Pump Friday back on the blog just in time for the summer! Check out our three month series of summer jams here and on facebook!