28 October 2011

Fist Pump Friday


Loving this song. Or maybe it's the two drinks I just had at lunch....


I'm getting my wedding dress fitted this weekend. (And I LOVE this song.)

Old...Happy Halloween:

27 October 2011

That's What I'm Talking About Thursday

Are you trying to be thrifty, but really want to own your own Ladder Golf set?  Then I recommend that you either carefully research how to make a Ladder Ball game  cheaply or buying one instead to save yourself the time (and possibly the extra dollars!).

Our Midwest crew decided it would be fun to have a Ladder Golf tournament, so we went out and bought all of the supplies, sawed our PVC pipes to the correct length, and proceeded to paint everything in my back yard (including ourselves) while creating some kick butt ladders.  We ended up spending pretty much the same amount of money that we would have had to spend to purchase brand new, professional sets.  Sure, they weren't the prettiest Ladder Golf sets, but they're by far my personal favorites!

Have you been taking on any projects yourself to try to save some money?  What were they and did you end up saving money in the end?

I'm having fun being thrify- and That's What I'm Talking About!

21 October 2011

Fist Pump Friday

Happy Friday! This morning I had a real urge to watch Romeo & Juliet. Or maybe it was just to watch Leonardo DiCaprio. Either way, we'll just go ahead and start there.


Not quite as old:

Newer (I'm obsessed with this song - I just am. It's hilarious):

Happy weekend! It's a perfect fall day in NYC, hopefully it's beautiful where you are too!

20 October 2011

That's What I'm Talking About Thursday

In honor of National Tomboy Day being this week, here are 10 Warning Signs: "You May Be a Tomboy If..."

10. You may be a tomboy if you'd rather climb a tree or rock wall than go to the ballet.

9. You may be a tomboy if you drool while in the Nerf isle at the store.

8. You may be a tomboy if you live for the next live sports broadcast of your favorite team (heck, you're probably even going to the game).

7. You may be a tomboy if your favorite sports team loses and it ruins your week.

6. You may be a tomboy if you can belch with the best of 'em!

5. You may be a tomboy if it's raining outside and you think that means it's flag football time.

4. You may be a tomboy if your main eating utensils are your bare hands.

3. You may be a tomboy if you have the sweetest wheels on the block.

2. You may be a tomboy if you can change the sweetest wheels on the block.

1. You may be a tomboy if getting ready in the morning means closing your eyes, grabbing one of each of the types of the nearest Bruonis clothing items that you need for the day, throwing them on, and heading out the door to have your next adventure.

And That's What I'm Talking About!

18 October 2011

This Week in Sports

Things I liked:
  • It's kind of nice to see LSU back at the top of the college football rankings. So much better than, say, USC. Glad the media finally gave up on them.
  • I love that because the NBA is definitely going to have a lock out or at least a late start, the players are all going to Europe.
  • A friend's Facebook status after last weekend's Patriots game: "Dear Wes Welker, From one Red Raider to another...Lets get married!" We love Wes Welker in this neck of the woods. That is all.
  • This brave soul threw a hot dog at Tiger Woods. I wish there was better video. Hahahaha.

Things I didn't like:

Things that surprised me:
Anyone got anything fun I missed?

Now for a serious, personal note: I found out I had a friend take his own life this weekend. I don't know how people get to that place, but the people around them always wish they had done something more in some way at some point. Please don't ever get to that place. Talk to someone you know. Anyone! I assure you anyone who knew him would have been honored to talk to him about whatever was hurting him. Please just talk.

14 October 2011

Fist Pump Friday

Welcome to Friday! As I told you on Tuesday, Bruonis headed up to New York combining our East and West Coast offices for a girls' weekend. We are currently in upstate New York and want to include all of you in our girls weekend. Enjoy and Happy Friday. 



13 October 2011

That's What I'm Talking About Thursday

This past weekend the Midwest Bruonis crew attended the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Hollywood Casino 400.  And I have to tell you... even though the race was not very eventful- with Jimmie Johnson leading over half of the laps- it was still an amazing experience.  Those of you who have ever been to a race know what I mean!

For those of you who have never experienced a professional race, you must add this to your bucket list.  You won't believe how loudy the engines roar or how fast the cars whiz by!

Me?  I am adding the opportunity to drive a NASCAR car around the track myself to my bucket list.  It is one of many of my must-do experiences.

Have any of you ever driven a racecar?  Do you have a bucket list?  What's on it?

Well, race on race fans- whether it's on the track or on your way to work or school!  And That's What I'm Talking About!

06 October 2011

That's What I'm Talking About Thursday

Yarr!  What it is about pirates that people love so much?  They're bad guys.  I thought we were supposed to like good guys!  Oh well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

This past weekend the Midwest Bruonis crew went to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival's Pirate Weekend.  Luckily the pirates there knew better than to mess with us.  We attempted to blend in, but unfortunately acting "too much" like  a pirate was frowned upon.  Here are a couple of the things we learned are not okay to do during pirate weekend:

1. Do not "hop aboard" the food vendor's stands to pillage their food or take their money.  You must pay with money you brought.  Bummer.

2. If the acting is horrible at the Renaissance Festival's mini-shows you are not allowed to make the actors walk the plank.  You have to politely smile and clap as if the show was enjoyable.  (Also do not leave in the middle or you'll get some scowls.  Just grin and bear it.  It will end eventually.)

3. There is no hidden treasure on the fairgrounds during pirate weekend.  Seriously?  What is the point of pirate weekend if there is no treasure?  The large hole that we dug while searching had swallowed up a few passer-buyers.  It was only then that we were advised that the treasure didn't exist.  What is the point of giving us a map with everything on it- including a giant red "X"?  We didn't need to know where to buy fairy wings.

Hopefully you all can learn from our plunder blunders.  Set a course for the horizon this weekend and maybe try to choose a less destructive role model than a pirate (unless of course you like causing trouble).