22 February 2012

This Week in Sports

I'm finally back with a sports post, albeit light. Enjoy!

Things I liked:

  • This girl was looking for a date to her sorority formal, so she decided to make a video, reminiscent of the military members who asked Justin Timberlake and Mila Kuniz out. She, however, failed miserably. Rather than asking out Jeremy Lin, the Knicks Asian-American point guard (who went to Harverd...), she asked out Jerry Linn, a black player for the Giants...who just won the Super Bowl. Amazing. Ah-mazing.

  • This guy has taken the internet by storm. He came up with a creative behind-the-backboard-distraction sign for the Alabama/Ole Miss game on Feb. 4.
Jack Blankenship (Hal Yeager/Birmingham News)

Things I didn't like:
  • Kris Humphries is still getting booed when he plays. People are seriously booing the kid? Did they watch the overly produced Kim & Kourtney take New York? Was it not obvious that Kim Kardashian is a selfish, uncompromising person who didn't attempt to even be married?? Let the man play.

Things that surprised me:
  • This surprised me and and pretty much the rest of the country. Here's the story...in a Linfographic. All the plays on his name have been amazing. Linsanity was the first, I believe. I think my favorite is Love you Lin time.
Click image to enlarge
The Journey of Jeremy Lin
Source: Infographic World

17 February 2012

Fist Pump Friday

Something new: Did you watch the Grammy's? Doesn't feel like there's been a lot of new music in the last year - I mean, that song Black & Yellow was nominated for a Grammy. Wtf?!

Something old: I feel like, in the wake of Whitney's passing, I have to include a Whitney song. HOWEVER, what is up with that fact that our society glorifies someone who became a drug addict and basically killed themselves more than someone like Etta James who led a great life and died at an old age? Not ok, y'all - something's messed up.

Think about that and have a great weekend!

06 February 2012

Super Bowl Fever

Congrats to the New York Giants for winning the Super Bowl . . . again.

Now on to the commercials. There are two spots that really stuck with us, the M&M spot and the Kia Sandman spot. 

What were your favorite spots?

03 February 2012

Fist Pump Friday

Happy weekend! Are you watching the Super Bowl? If you are, here's something to get you in the spirit!

For a chill weekend:

For a pumped up weekend:

And, for a little added value, if you will: