30 September 2011

Fist Pump Friday

Sorry, I don't have a theme or anything witty to say this week. Foster the People played in New York this week, I'm going to see TV on the Radio next Wednesday and I saw a few of my friends were listening to Bright Eyes on Spotify, which I was going to post, but when looking up "Bright" on YouTube, I thought of Mr. Brightside, so there you have it. Have a happy weekend!!

29 September 2011

That's What I'm Talking About Thursday

In 1898 James Naismith brought the game of basketball, the one he invented, to the University of Kansas. Since then basketball has been the sport that Jayhawks live for.

This past weekend the Midwest Bruonis crew enjoyed some high quality sports entertainment ­­­­­at the first ever Legends of the Phog game at the University of Kansas. We saw NBA stars such as Paul Pierce, Mario Chalmers, Nick Collison, the Morris twins (Marcus and Markieff), Greg Ostertag, Xavier Henry, Julian Wright, and Brandon Rush face off... KU vs. KU in a game that showcased some of the best talent that KU has had in recent years.

Photo Credit: Leanna Sutliff

The game ended in a fantastic finish that could not be scripted. With approximately 35 seconds left in the game and the score tied at 108-108, Paul Pierce ran the shot clock out with a three-pointer that hit just as the buzzer sounded. It was the type of amazing, game-winning type of shot that kids practice out on their driveways. Many players thought that the game was over and began to clear the benches. However, referees pointed out that there were still 5 seconds of game play left and the game resumed.

The ball in-bounded to Mario Chalmers who took the ball right up to the center of the three-point line, pump faked a few times, and took the fans back to the shot in the 2008 NCAA Championship game where he sunk a three-pointer to tie the game when it seemed like all hope was lost. The fans erupted- roaring and cheering as loudly as their vocal chords would let them.

Once again, it was the type of game that could not be scripted even more perfectly. Thinking back through all of the games you have seen in your life, which one stood out the most? Which moments in time were so amazing that they occurred in slow motion?

I live for great sport moments... if you do too, you know why That's What I'm Talking About!

27 September 2011

This Week in Sports

Things I liked:
  • TMZ asked Erin Andrews if spelling is a sport. Har har.
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  • Wes Welker was an awesome decision for my fantasy team - he's killing it for me. He was a beast at Texas Tech (we went to school there at the same time) and he's a beast now. Love.
  • Baseball playoffs are coming. Finally, something interesting in baseball will happen.
  • Julio Jones is on my fantasy team. here is why:

Things I didn't like:

Things that surprised me:
  • Both the Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills are 3-0 so far this season. This is the first time since 1980 that the Lions have been 3-0.
  • Michael Vick "broke" his hand this weekend during the Eagles game. On Monday, the team came out and said it was just badly bruised. Vick has been whining this week about the hit being illegal. He's now, reportedly, going to play this weekend.

26 September 2011

Weekend Update: Fall Release

I know this has been a long time coming, though we are finally in a great place to release the Fall line. We are pairing up with our close friend and photographer Blair Bunting to shoot this Friday.

One reason for the delay is we wanted to focus on October and Breast Cancer Awareness. Sports teams and companies and everyone else represent by wearing the color pink for the month of October, though we want ladies to know you don't have to wear pink or use pink tools to be aware of your boob health.

With that, a portion of the proceeds for anything, any color purchased in the month of October will be donated to a breast cancer research charity. Buy yourself something you will wear.

Have a great week!

23 September 2011

Fist Pump Friday

It's Fist Pump Friday! Sorry it's so late in the day - it's been a really rough week! It's super rainy here in New York and I just need something relaxing and positive for the weekend.

Something old:

Something new(ish):

Have a great weekend!

19 September 2011

Weekend Recap: Fall Activities

So it is now Fall. As we were hanging out this weekend we started talking about what there is to do in the Fall. During the summer we spend a lot of time around water and in the winter we are snowboarding or like activities. Though what is there to do in the Fall?

The weather is just starting to cool down here, so hiking is one of the things I'm looking forward to most. Also, prime time for camping. Get the fire going and don't forget the guitar, one of your friends has to know how to play guitar.

Let us know what you are looking forward to this Fall.

16 September 2011

Fist Pump Friday

I just love this song. I love that this video was shot all in one take. I love the gorilla dancers. I love the roommate (?) doing the girl voice. I could watch this all day.

15 September 2011

That's What I'm Talking About Thursday

This week I'm taking you home. I've been encouraging you lately to go out and see the world and I think it's time for me to reel you in again.

You see, Tomboys tend to think they're indestructible and that tends to lead to trouble. Sure, we have fun, but sometimes we pay the price. At least I do. I tend to have a diffent injury at least once a week- which brings me back to why I'm taking you home...

We all lead fun, busy lives, but it's time to get that big chore that's been nagging you at home completed. You know the one-- the one that's been nagging at you. For me, that nagging chore is that my room needs to be cleaned. Desperately.

I keep putting it off, but time and time again I'm getting injured and I wish over and over that I had gotten it done, but here I sit, injured hand, unable to relax. Well, my friends, it's time to get that one thing done that's been bugging you! Get it done now so when you go out and have a great time this weekend you can do it worry free. If you happen to get sidelined it won't be as big of a deal because you'll have all your stuff done and you'll be able to concentrate on what your next reckless act will be!

P.S. If you figure out how to get your pets to help you get your project done, please let me know the secret. Mine are lazy bums. Sooner or later I'll have to have a big enough path to walk through in my room with crutches or will need to get to something easily while one of my arms is in a sling and it looks like I'm going to have to do all the work myself!

P.S.S. Don't try to pet stray cats!

And That's What I'm Talking About!

13 September 2011

This Week in Sports

Things I liked:
  • Sunday in the Women's US Open final, Serena Williams, who has dominated the tournament (with the exception of the game she defaulted to attend Kim Kardashian's wedding - priorities) was matched against Australian, Samantha Stosur (who wasn't even born the last time an Australian woman won the US Open). I started out rooting for Serena Williams because she is an American and was slightly disappointed when she didn't win. That is, until the little outburst in the video below. She has been fined $2,000 for that. Then, they showed her family and friends after the match. Not a single one of them clapped for Samantha Stosur. Rude. And, I guess, as to be expected, Serena didn't shake the hand of the ref at the end of the match. Why would I want to support this person?? So, the reason this is in "Things I liked" is because I'm glad Serena was fined, and I'm happy for Samantha Stosur.

  • Danny Amendola is on my fantasy team and the Rams. He was injured Sunday, along with Steven Jackson and Sam Bradford, who were all taken out of the game. The Rams all but fell apart. This could be under things I didn't like, cause that sucks. The reason it's under things I liked is that when Amendola hurt himself (it looked like he broke his arm), Fox didn't show a replay because it looked so bad. Kudos to them for not making me rewatch it. My fiancé with the DVR is another story...
  • I meant to post this last week. Djokovic spotted some guy in the stands dancing at the US Open, so he then responded with a little dance of his own. Then he invited the guy to come meet him and dance with him. Good to see he has a better attitude than Serena Williams.

Things I didn't like:
  • In a tragic accident last week, a private plane crashed at an airport in Russia. As it turned out, that plane carried one of the top hockey teams in Russia. One player and one crew member survived the crash and it has been announced that the last player has just died. So, so sad.
  • The Mayweather/Ortiz fight is this coming Saturday. I am hard core rooting for Ortiz. I've been watching HBO's series 24/7 leading up to the fight and Mayweather just makes me sick. He's arrogant and has an ego larger than Kanye West's...ok, maybe I'm getting crazy. I will be at a wedding, so won't watch the fight, but I sure hope Ortiz wins. Anyone else been watching 24/7?

Things that surprised me:
  • Michael Jordan, part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, talked to reporters about the NBA lockout, which you're apparently not supposed to do. To teach him his lesson, the NBA fined him $100,000. His offense was really 50 times worse than Serena Williams? I think not.
  • Steve Smith, from the Panthers, equaled the amount of touchdowns he scored in 2010 in the first week of this season, which means he either sucked last year or is in serious need of a thank you and a raise. Seems the lockout was good for this guy.
  • The Packers started out the first game of this season absolutely spanking the Saints, but the Saints caught up. The game ended 34-42 Green Bay. It was a good season opener and I was able to avoid Obama's speech - win!
  • Did anyone see this fight between the Steelers and Ravens this weekend? I was shocked no one was kicked out of the game.

12 September 2011

Weekend Recap: A Tribute

This weekend, we as a country reflected on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 attack. The people of this country rallied together as a unit to save anyone they could. We never stopped searching for those who were trapped and we will never forget the people who gave their lives for this great country.

I hope September 11th becomes a celebration. A celebration of the strength, determination and perseverance of our great country. A day that terrorists underestimated the camaraderie of American citizens to stand up and fight for everything this country stands for. God Bless the USA!

09 September 2011

Fist Pump Friday

So much going on this week!

First of all, I would like to say: WELCOME BACK, FOOTBALL!! So many theme songs - one for CBS, one for NBC, one for FOX, one for Monday night, one for Sunday night...it's exhausting. Here's one of them...

Second, the US, especially NYC is focused on 9/11, which we want to commemorate, but also try to keep upbeat:

And finally, Foster the People is all over the place lately. If you're not familiar, get familiar.

Happy Friday!

08 September 2011

That's What I'm Talking About Thursday

I love this time of year! As the weather begins to cool, the fun events begin to pop up everywhere! There are tons of fundraising runs to prepare for and kick butt in. There are an increased number of fairs and carnivals with lots of evil food to spoil yourself with (you've been training hard for your runs so you "deserve" it). Plus it becomes easier and easier to spend every waking moment outdoors- having an adventure.

This last weekend we were able to make an appearance at the Santa-Cali-Gon Days Festival where the patrons attempted to break the world record for the greatest number of people doing the Macarena at once. Now, I said I was there, but I just couldn't bring myself to be quite that dorky (I'm typically a goofball, but the Macarena in public is just a bit too much for me!). The previous record was 2,200 people and this attempt gathered only 1,400 that were willing to make a fool of themselves. I am proud that we did not set the record for the most Macarena dorks(but I secretly envy those who were brave enough to do it)!

If you would also like to witness this epic fail/spectacle, please check out the video below- I was quite entertained! I am warning you ahead of time though-- it's hard to get that song out of your head!

Go out there and soak up these great times- and don't forget to rock your Bruonis gear when you do! And That's What I'm Talking About!

06 September 2011

This Week in Sports

Things I liked:
  • I went to the US Open and got to see Roddick and Sharapova play (not each other). Things I learned: 1. It is so fun to watch men play when they make it look effortless. 2. Sharapova is a beast - that woman is 6'2"! 3. Her screaming is seriously obnoxious (and entirely unnecessary).
  • College football is BACK! Thank God USC is no longer ranked #1 for no good reason and Texas is back on the board after beating Rice this weekend.
  • The NFL's season begins Thursday night with the Saints at Green Bay - should be a good game! (Assuming the game isn't pushed off the air by more Obama campaigning.)

Things I didn't like:
  • The rain is seriously putting a damper on things (except the fires in Texas, which are really devastating) - This weekend's NASCAR race was moved to today; the West Virginia football game - they played part of it, but not sure if the rest was postponed and for how long; and at least one whole day of US Open play, although I wouldn't be surprised if it's longer - it's supposed to rain all week here. Can we send that rain to Texas, please? We don't need any more flooding in the northeast.

Things that surprised me:
  • After one of his matches this weekend, Nadal got some nasty leg cramps. Check out the video. Apparently they were in both the front and back of his legs, so he couldn't just stretch it out. Looks painful.

01 September 2011

That's What I'm Talking About Thursdays

This weekend is going to be epic! Are you wondering what is happening this weekend? Well, that is up to you. However, I must caution you that if you do not strive to make each weekend epic you are really missing out.

So what does this have to do with a dog with a cone on her head? It was meant to be a gentle reminder that you never know what may come along in life, so you have to enjoy it while you can. Take care of yourself- drink lots of water, eat well, and get as much rest as you can fit into your busy schedule. If something does happen that gets you down just move on and focus on the positive aspects of what's happening in life.

What's happening? Remember, that's up to you. Go out there and have an amazing weekend.

What epic plans do you have for the weekend?