12 November 2010

Fist Pump Fridays

I am happy to announce that it’s that time of the week again. You all know what I’m talking about. It’s Friday. The afternoon is soon upon us, and for the majority of us, that translates to one, solid thing. 48 hours of pure, untainted freedom. I don’t know about you, but that thought alone gets me pretty pumped up. But for those of you who still need a little extra weekend motivation, that’s where I come in.

The nice (and very smart) people at BRUONIS were cool enough to ask me to guest post on the blog to provide you with some tasty tunes to get you excited for the weekend.

Some songs, familiar. Some of them, not so much. But all of the songs I post should make you feel good. And hey – if they don’t, that’s what the comment box below is for. Let me know the type of tracks you are into and I’ll do some of my own human Pandora work to bring you guys new tunes to get you weekend-ready.

This week, I have two songs for you. The first song is from a Kiwi band I stumbled upon called The Naked and Famous (yes – that is their name). The song, Young Blood has been in a heavy rotation on my iPod, in my car, on my computer – you get it. I dig it.

The other song is a fresh new track from Big Sean ft. Chiddy Bang and Hockey. You should note that anytime I reference Chiddy Bang, it’s worth a listen – they do not disappoint. And if you are into the chorus of this song, I recommend you look into some of Hockey’s other tracks. This hot Portland band has a fresh sound that doesn’t compare to any alt rock bands out at the moment.

So here you go. Enjoy the tunes. Enjoy the weekend. And comments are always appreciated.

See you guys next week. Laterz!

The Naked and Famous - Young Blood


Big Sean – Too Fake ft. Chiddy Bang

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