30 November 2009

Music Monday: Rogue Wave - Lake Michigan

Heard this song in a trailer for a movie that I am not too interested in seeing but the song was pretty good. Above is the CD version and the acoustic version. I'm kind of a sucker for good acoustic.

16 November 2009

Music Monday: Josh Thompson - Beer on the Table & Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire

I know a little of both worlds. I can't help it, I love all kinds of music, country, rock, alternative . . .

09 November 2009

Bruonis Updates: Behind the Scenes Photos

© 2009 Ashley J George & Bruonis. All rights reserved.

Hey guys we are still in the process of getting everything wrapped up from the shoot but I thought that people might want a little sneak peak . . . so just click on the photo above if you want to see them. We are working as fast as we can on editing final shots and getting the HTML part of facebook up for everyone. Thank you soo much for your support and patience.

Music Monday: John Cougar Mellencamp Jack and Diane & Hurts So Good

I love John Cougar Mellencamp. It's just everyday feel good music, i love listening to him when i'm riding my longboard.

06 November 2009

Just For Fun: MSNBC Twitter gets hacked.

Some days there are things that happen that provide just enough entertainment to make your day. Well today, someone or multiple someones hacked the twitter feed on MSNBC. If you missed it I was entertained enough to take a screen shot. I love that you can obviously see they had free reign for half an hour before the feed got suspended. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Sadly this was a hoax. . .but regardless . . . it is still entertaining.