01 November 2010

This weekend in Sports

Hi for the first time! Uhm, a little about me, I work in advertising in New York on an account that does a lot with sports. On top of that, I went to two really big sports schools and grew up in Michigan and Texas (hello hockey and football!). Basically, I heart sports and I'm here to talk about them a little bit. Oh, also, I'm opinionated on everything from politics to Matt Leinart, so that's how I'm going to structure my posts for now. Enjoy!

This weekend was one of the rare weekends in the year where every major sport was in season. I had a tough time deciding between the San Francisco Giants v the Texas Rangers, a plethora of college and NFL football games, basketball, hockey - hell, I even had the options to watch golf and NASCAR if I wanted to. It was a good weekend in the world of sports.

Source: Getty Images/Ronald Martinez

Things I liked:
  • The Giants won the World Series against the Rangers (four games to one)
  • Oregon became #1 in the BCS by beating USC
Things I didn't like:
  • Baylor qualified for a bowl game before Texas did when they beat Texas at home
  • The Miami Heat lost their season opener to the Celtics - so much for their star trio
  • The Detroit Red Wings started the season strong at #1, but has since handed the reigns over to the St. Louis Blues. Lame.
  • Favre is hurt in like 4 different ways - he even left the game - but still can't admit to being so old he needs to retire.
Things that surprised me:
  • The Minnesota Vikings cut Randy Moss after what, a month?
  • Michigan State ruined their undefeated season by losing to Iowa
In other news, the MLS is in playoffs and no one cares.

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