27 January 2011

Woman of the Week: Amelia Earhart

1897 - 1939

The first thing that I truly admire about Amelia is her mother Amy, "did not believe in bring up nice girls". This is definitely the right setting for the most famous female aviator to grow up in. She played outside, climbed trees, collected bugs all the things girls were not "supposed" to do growing up. 

As she grew older, she endured tough times and began to take interest in careers that were socially only available to men, such as film direction and production, law, advertising, management and mechanical engineering. Though it wasn't until 1920 that she took her first ride in a plane after moving to Long Beach, CA. Three years later she was issued her pilot's license. 

Amelia not only set records for women, she also was the first to do many things even before the boys. though she failed to make it completely around the world, the fact that she attempted to do so is what is so remarkable about her. 

What are some of your accomplishments? Who do you respect and look to for inspiration? Submit your selections for Woman of the Week or contact us to guest blog in this segment.

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