30 November 2010

This Week in Sports

Things I liked:

Things I didn't like:
  • Bill's receiver Steve Johnson dropped a game winning pass in OT. Does he really think being mad at God is going to fix the fact that he can't catch?
  • Texans receiver Andre Johnson and Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan got into a fist fight during the fourth quarter of the game this weekend. Both were ejected. Neither were suspended. Both were fined $25K. That's the same amount players are being fined for hits that are determined too rough. Accidental helmet to helmet contact vs. lack of self control fist fight...hmmm...almost the same.

  • Boise State lost in OT this weekend to Nevada, ruining their undefeated season. Their kicker missed a game winning field goal...twice! Once at the end of the 4th quarter and once in OT. No chance he got laid that night.

Things that surprised me:

And to end with a couple of entirely random thoughts:

Apparently college basketball is in season again. I always thought that was March...no?

Is anyone else shocked that it was only a year ago that Tiger Woods crashed his car into a tree running away from his (now ex) wife who was, understandably, trying to kill him with a golf club? (Love the irony! - Hah - Iron-y -- Iron = Golf Club)

Does anyone know what ever became of Dennis Rodman? Yeah, me either.

29 November 2010

Cyber Monday!

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Also, since it is officially the holiday season, we want to see some decorations. Whether it's a tree, a house a menorah, or Santa on skis, show us how you do the holidays. Post your pics to our facebook wall at http://www.facebook.com/bruonis

26 November 2010

fist pump fridays

Hey All!

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving - and are well rested and ready for the real weekend to begin!

This week's track comes from an an old favorite of mine - Sweedish babe, Robyn. Robyn has continued to reinvent her sound and style over the years and has certainly come a long way since her Show me Love days (not saying those days weren't totally awesome).

This week's song, Dancehall Queen is a remix off her latest album, Body Talk featuring Diplo, and it is sure to get your body talkin'!

Check it.

Hope you have a good weekend everyone!


Robyn - Dancehall Queen (Diplo Remix)

24 November 2010

You are what you eat!!

Hello everyone! With Thanksgiving just around the corner there is no doubt that food is on the brain. Before you beginning shoving all those mashed potatoes and pumpkin pies down your throat, here are a few things to consider. Getting results is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Often times people put in the work at the gym and neglect to pay any mind to what they are putting in their body, how absurd right?! This is the equivalent of doing your bills without balancing your check book.

If you wanna get that rock hard body you see on the cover of Shape Magazine you must pay attention to not only the amount of calories that you are putting into your body, but also the amount of fat, carbs and sugar. Losing weight is a math equation of calories in vs calories out. The way to solve the equation is to move more and eat less. There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. So for example, if you wanted to lose one pound of week, you must have a 500 calorie deficit each day. If you want to insure you are losing body fat vs weight in general make sure to stick to the follow tips.

10 things to consider:
1) Stay focused on your goals.
2) Stick to these nutrient percentages : Protein 30%, Carbohydrates 40%, and Fat 30.
3) Eat 5-6 times a day and always within 30 minutes after your workout.
4) Keep a food log (calorieking.com works great). This is the way to ensure results and know for certain what you are taking in.
5) Water is key. You should be having 6-8 (8oz) glasses a day. This helps flush toxins from the body and speeds up the metabolism.
6) Avoid fruit and dairy. I know your mom probably made you consume both in mass amounts while growing up, but they are full of sugar.
7) Avoid eating less than 2 hours before bedtime.
8) Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum. This is a killer of any weight loss program! 9) Avoid refined carbohydrates and simple starches and have protein at every meal.
10) And remember if you have a less than stellar day, don't dwell on it keep a positive mind set and start fresh the next day.

If you are not sure how many calories you should be eating visit http://www.invictusfit.com/invictus-fitness-tools-and-resources.php and check out your daily caloric needs estimate calculator.

Happy Thanksgiving!


23 November 2010

This week in Sports

Things I liked:

Things I didn't like:

Things that surprised me:

22 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

One of the greatest Thanksgiving movies ever. 
November is almost ova! That means turkey and shopping and decorating for the holidays. We want to make sure that you are staying warm this holiday season, that's why this week we are giving you 10% off all you have to do is use the code: GIVETHX when you check out.

Some things that Bruonis is working on:
Bruonis Holiday Pandora Station - We are loading up all the favorite holiday tunes onto one Pandora station and releasing it this Friday. If you have any holiday favorites comment on this post and we will be sure to add them in. 
Training for the P.F. Chang's Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon in Phoenix, AZ 16.January.2011 - We are going to kick the new year off right. 2011 is going to be full of a lot of just doing. We aren't even going to make resolutions. There is no reason to talk about something . . . as Nike says, "Just Do It."
We are always interested in hearing what you are up to as well, drop us a line at getsome@bruonis.com.

19 November 2010

Fist Pump Fridays

You can say what you want about Kanye, but he definitely has an ear for fresh talent. This week's track, Blazin', comes from Nicky Minaj featuring Kanye West. As Nicky says about herself in the song, "I'm the best now - Anybody with some money should invest now." I really can't argue her there. She rocks.

Nicky is guaranteed to get you pumped for this weekend, and like Kanye, you should keep this spicy little rapperista on your radar. Enjoy!

Blazin' - Nicky Minaj featuring Kanye West

17 November 2010

Fitness for your Wednesday

A little bit about me.

Hey folks my name is Nicole Renna, I am the owner of Invictus Fitness here in good ol' Austin, Texas! Bruonis asked me to share my expertise about fitness so hello and welcome to my blog! I will be joining you every Wednesday to share with you the latest and greatest information in the fitness world... motivational quotes, diet advice, random thoughts,workouts, tunes to sweat to.. anything that I find interesting really.

To share a little bit about my background, I played college soccer and rugby at the University of Oregon, have delt with injury and have been personal training for about 5 years now. I got into the field of training because I enjoy helping people, love being active, and was inspired by a strength coach that helped me through a tough injury while I was in college ( Thank you Coach Ginther). These days I enjoy playing soccer and hitting the gym regularly. I think its always good to have goals, and explore new challenges. Cycling is mine. Believe it or not, I don't know a thing about it. Going on my first road ride this week... wish me luck!

See you next week!!!

Nicole Renna/Invictus Fitness

If you wanna find out more about me visit www.invictusfit.com

16 November 2010

This weekend in Sports

Source: Fred Beckham/Associated Press

Things I liked:

  • The UConn Women's basketball team has an 80 game win streak - does this mean they're really good or that everyone else is just pretty terrible?
  • Eagles wide receiver, Deshawn Jackson, told the Monday Night Football crew before the first play of the game, "Shh... first play, we're goin big," followed by an Eagles opening record play - an 88-yard touchdown bomb from Michael Vick to Jackson.
  • The Nascar championship race is the closest it has been since the Chase was started in 2006
  • The Lakers ended their 8 game win streak in a loss against the Denver Nuggets 112-118
  • The NY Rangers trounced the Edmonton Oilers 8-2
  • Kyle Busch was penalized for speeding, so next time he entered pit row, he flicked off the NASCAR official. He was fined $25K.

Things I didn't like:
  • Despite not being conditioned to play all four quarters of a football game, Donovan McNabb has been offered more money.
  • Michael Vick played like a video game this weekend. He is now the only player in NFL history with three touchdown passes and two rushing touchdowns in the first half of a game. He is also the first player in NFL history with at least 300 yards passing, 50 yards rushing, four passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns in a game. I just cannot get behind this guy. Good news for him is he's going to become the QB the NFL wanted Donovan McNabb to be.

Things that surprised me:

I have almost no college football highlights, because lets face it, while Oregon, TCU and Boise State totally deserve to be 3 of the top 4 teams and I'm very happy that they're finally being recognized, it's boring.

In completely un-sports related news:

15 November 2010

Monday Monday

Today has flown by so incredibly fast and it's the last full work week of November! Last thing I knew it was July and I was getting ready for the Summer Strip Down.

To celebrate Monday being over this weeks deal is 10% off your entire purchase. Since it's getting cold, I've started to break out the hoodies. My favorite, since I'm loud and it is too, is the red and yellow logo hoodie. It's thick, soft and cozy. Just because it's fall/winter doesn't mean you can't wear bright colors.

Use code: BOOMON at checkout. Offer expires Sunday 11:59PM PST.

12 November 2010

Fist Pump Fridays

I am happy to announce that it’s that time of the week again. You all know what I’m talking about. It’s Friday. The afternoon is soon upon us, and for the majority of us, that translates to one, solid thing. 48 hours of pure, untainted freedom. I don’t know about you, but that thought alone gets me pretty pumped up. But for those of you who still need a little extra weekend motivation, that’s where I come in.

The nice (and very smart) people at BRUONIS were cool enough to ask me to guest post on the blog to provide you with some tasty tunes to get you excited for the weekend.

Some songs, familiar. Some of them, not so much. But all of the songs I post should make you feel good. And hey – if they don’t, that’s what the comment box below is for. Let me know the type of tracks you are into and I’ll do some of my own human Pandora work to bring you guys new tunes to get you weekend-ready.

This week, I have two songs for you. The first song is from a Kiwi band I stumbled upon called The Naked and Famous (yes – that is their name). The song, Young Blood has been in a heavy rotation on my iPod, in my car, on my computer – you get it. I dig it.

The other song is a fresh new track from Big Sean ft. Chiddy Bang and Hockey. You should note that anytime I reference Chiddy Bang, it’s worth a listen – they do not disappoint. And if you are into the chorus of this song, I recommend you look into some of Hockey’s other tracks. This hot Portland band has a fresh sound that doesn’t compare to any alt rock bands out at the moment.

So here you go. Enjoy the tunes. Enjoy the weekend. And comments are always appreciated.

See you guys next week. Laterz!

The Naked and Famous - Young Blood


Big Sean – Too Fake ft. Chiddy Bang

09 November 2010

This weekend in Sports

This weekend I had quite a few moments that went something like this:
Internal dialogue: wtf?!
External action: Reach for remote, hit rewind, rewatch, repeat thought, rewind again, rewatch again
Did anyone else experience this? Oh, and baseball is finally over. Woot!

(See my first "What Surprised Me" for the explanation of this picture)

What I liked:
  • Zetterberg scored the winning goal for the Detroit Red Wings against the Phoenix Coyotes last night in overtime making the final score 3-2.
  • One of this week's biggest stories - yesterday, Wade Phillips was fired by the Dallas Cowboys. Who didn't see this coming? Seriously? (Oh, and the interest in this news apparently crashed the Cowboys' website...damn the bad luck!)
  • The highest scoring game in Big 10 history took place this weekend between Michigan and Illinois. Michigan won 67-65. Didn't the Big 10 used to be known for defense?
  • The Lakers are 7-0 for the fifth time in franchise history. I want to say good for them, I just really hate this team.

What I didn't like:
  • Lion's QB, Matt Stafford, who had just come back from a shoulder injury, reinjured his shoulder on Sunday. This is his fourth injury in two years. At least he got almost a full game in before he was put out of commission for the rest of the season.
  • Texas was embarassed by a 39-14 loss to Kansas State. It was 39-0 going into the fourth quarter. (Fire Greg Davis!)
  • #2 Auburn's QB, Cam Newton, is being investigated for reports of cheating, academic ineligibility, and recruitment practices. Isn't he supposed to be the front runner for the Heisman? Sounds a little like the Reggie Bush situation to me...just a little.
  • This weekend when the Magic were playing the Bobcats, a Bobcats player fell and it never got wiped up. Next time down the court, Vince Carter slipped and fell in the very same place and now has a hip injury. Stan Van Gundy (coach of the Magic) is pissed.

What surprised me:
  • I totally expect to see fights in hockey and even baseball, but NASCAR?! This weekend at Texas Motor Speedway after Jeff Burton wrecked Jeff Gordon, that's kind of what we got. I do have to say, I really really enjoyed Jeff Burton's interview afterwards. Very well spoken. Also, Jeff Gordon's pit crew was running faster and more efficiently than his teammate Jimmie Johnson's, so they immediately swapped pit crews (during the race) and Jimmie Johnson will keep Jeff's pit crew for the remainder of the season since he is in championship contention and Jeff Gordon is not.
  • Sounds like ESPN wants to take the NHL from NBC
  • LeBron says the Cowboys are "his team." Aren't they "America's team?" Does that make him America? Who knew LaBron was a narcissist!
  • Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder is, understandably, livid after Ravens fullback La'Ron McClain spit in his face during the game this weekend. McClain says spit might have flown while he was speaking - that's not what the video shows. Disgusting. Why hasn't this guy been heavily fined/suspended? I mean, they're fining the crap out of players for hitting other players and that's part of their job!
Drama, drama.

Addition: This trick play by a middle school football team in Driscoll, Tx is awesome!

08 November 2010

Everyone likes presents.

Remember when you were a kid and all the cereal boxes had toys in them? Everyone at Bruonis thinks that it sucks that kids (or ourselves) don't get to enjoy that anymore.

So from now on we are bringing back the good old days. The first 100 people to order something from http://shop.bruonis.com each month will get a prize mailed to them with their order. We won't ruin the surprise by telling you what it is, but each month it will be a completely new and gnarly prize.

Get. Excited.

01 November 2010

This weekend in Sports

Hi for the first time! Uhm, a little about me, I work in advertising in New York on an account that does a lot with sports. On top of that, I went to two really big sports schools and grew up in Michigan and Texas (hello hockey and football!). Basically, I heart sports and I'm here to talk about them a little bit. Oh, also, I'm opinionated on everything from politics to Matt Leinart, so that's how I'm going to structure my posts for now. Enjoy!

This weekend was one of the rare weekends in the year where every major sport was in season. I had a tough time deciding between the San Francisco Giants v the Texas Rangers, a plethora of college and NFL football games, basketball, hockey - hell, I even had the options to watch golf and NASCAR if I wanted to. It was a good weekend in the world of sports.

Source: Getty Images/Ronald Martinez

Things I liked:
  • The Giants won the World Series against the Rangers (four games to one)
  • Oregon became #1 in the BCS by beating USC
Things I didn't like:
  • Baylor qualified for a bowl game before Texas did when they beat Texas at home
  • The Miami Heat lost their season opener to the Celtics - so much for their star trio
  • The Detroit Red Wings started the season strong at #1, but has since handed the reigns over to the St. Louis Blues. Lame.
  • Favre is hurt in like 4 different ways - he even left the game - but still can't admit to being so old he needs to retire.
Things that surprised me:
  • The Minnesota Vikings cut Randy Moss after what, a month?
  • Michigan State ruined their undefeated season by losing to Iowa
In other news, the MLS is in playoffs and no one cares.

And we are a go . . .

The Bruonis online shopping cart is now available! This has been a dream of mine for a very long time and to celebrate, we are offering 15% off your entire order and free shipping for the first week. Hopefully this will make Monday a little more tolerable. Enjoy.

- ashley