29 November 2011

This Week in Sports

So much happened this week!

Things I liked:
  • After the play in the video below, Ndamukong Suh was ejected from the Lions' Thanksgiving Day game. This is not his first rodeo when it comes to losing his temper and getting into trouble. I love that in his interviews post game he said he didn't do anything at all and that God knows what he did. Idiot. (I like this because they ejected him.) At least he has been suspended for the next two games...as he should be.

  • With Tim Tebow acting as their starting quarterback, the Denver Broncos have won their last 4 games. Way to go Tebow.
  • Matt Leinart, who was starting for the Houston Texas this weekend with Matt Schaub out, was also taken out with a collarbone injury. Oh, the poor baby. I was hoping he'd get to play the Eagles and rematch Vince Young since after loosing to him at Texas in 2005 he thought USC was "still the better team." (So glad he got hurt...is that wrong?) Too bad he's not strong enough to last a whole game in the NFL.
  • The University of Texas and Texas A&M played their last Thanksgiving/rivalry game for who knows how long. It was a really close game, but Texas ended up beating A&M 27-25 in the last seconds of the game. Now Texas has bragging rights for(ever) who knows how long. Of course, the Aggies will bitch and moan for the rest of their lives about the 15 yard penalty against Trent Hunter and use that to say UT didn't really win. Well, if A&M was that much better, a penalty wouldn't/shouldn't have decided the outcome of the game.

Things I didn't like:
  • Why are athletes such actors? I guess the football players are taking it upon themselves to make up for the NBA lockout - fans need the drama [read: flops]. And why do refs go for it? Jerome Simpson is a clown:

Things that surprised me:

11 November 2011

Fist Pump Friday


New (and just completely ridiculous):

Have a fantastic weekend!!

10 November 2011

That's What I'm Talking About Thursday

This Thursday I'm Talking About being thankful!  You can't get through the month of November without a few gentle reminders of how important it is to thankful for what you have.

If you're ever feeling blue, studies show that if you begin to focus on the things that you are grateful for in your life eventually things will begin to look up again.  The feeling of gratitude is a powerful thing and can get you back into the right mindset.

Even if you're not feeling blue, making a list of the things you are thankful for can really help focus you in on what's most important in life.  If you sit down and try to write as many things as possible my guess is that you will begin to notice other things that you may not have noticed for in your day to day life and will appreciate them even more.

Thank you for reading!  And That's What I'm Talking About!

08 November 2011

This Week in Sports

Things I liked:

Things I didn't like:
Things that surprised me:
  • Kyle Busch was unable to race this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway for wrecking Rob Hornaday in the World Truck Series on Friday. He was also fined and put on probation for the rest of the year. Ron Hornaday said if Kyle Busch was not parked for the rest of the season, he (Ron) would buy a Cup car and take care of it himself. Kyle Busch has been parked for truck racing, but not Nascar. Ron Hornaday has bought a Cup car and entered it into this coming Sunday's race. This is not over. Hopefully no one gets killed.

(This is the same kind of crash that killed Dale Earnhardt.)

Things that disgusted and infuriated me:
  • There is a really disgusting Penn State scandal that has surfaced that indirectly involves the football team. Jerry Sandusky, a retired assistant coach at Penn State, allegedly molested 8 children from a program he started for troubled kids. Joe Paterno, the athletic director, and other high ups at the university found out about this when one of the graduate assistants working with the football team witnessed Sandusky having sex with a 10-year-old boy in the football facility showers. This was child number two, was never reported to the proper authorities and happened with at least six more children. I really hope all of those bastards go to prison.

I'm wondering if the NHL is going to be smart enough to take advantage of the NBA lock out and up their viewership/fan base this season. We'll see what happens.

03 November 2011

That's What I'm Talking About Thursday

As the weather cools down I feel like I have a TON of pent up energy.  Although I do not personally like cold weather, after being outside I am extremely energetic (as do my dogs after being outside as they tear through the house more and more as the temperatures drop).  I feel like it's less likely for me to have those days where I'm constantly tired, but I also seem to get stuck indoors.

The worst part about the cold temperatures is when you are stuck at a desk.  Little things like squeezing a stress ball just won't cut it so when you get breaks be sure to at least go for a brisk walk to try to spend some of that energy.  If you get enough exercise you may just be happy to sit back down! ;)

For those times where you get stuck at home, what kinds of indoor activities do you do to get rid of that constant energy?  Video game systems like the X-Box Kinect and the Wii can really wear you out in marathon sessions.  I also have exercise equipment in the basement- my favorite being my speed bag and heavy bag because boxing is a great energy release.  What are your favorite exercise machines?

The best part of the temperatures beginning to cool off?  I can now wear my Bruonis thermal shirt.  It's so soft and cozy!  Did you get yours yet?

And That's What I'm Talking About!

01 November 2011

This Week in Sports

Things I liked:
  • The NYC marathon is this weekend. I know about 10 people running it and wish I could be here to support them, but I'll be at the Texas v Texas Tech game in Austin. Shout out to my friend Adam who has raised thousands of dollars for cancer research through his upcoming marathon run!
  • 20 years apart (almost to the day), Joe Buck and his dad made the same call (almost verbatum):

  • I haven't talked about hockey yet this season, so I'll go ahead and share this little play by Patrick Kane. Sweet goal:

Things I didn't like:

Things that surprised me:
I'm interested to see what happens with the Texas v Texas Tech game this weekend. Tech has become a notorious National Championship title dream ruiner. Two weeks ago, they beat OU in Norman at homecoming when OU was favored by 30 points. They hadn't lost at home in 39 games. Then, this last weekend, Tech was embarassed at home by unranked Iowa State 41-7! This weekend, Tech is playing Texas in Austin. I'm interested to see how Tech shows against UT. I'm wondering if it will be a repeat of a few years ago, but backwards (in 2008 or 2009 Tech beat UT who was in the running for the National Championship after they beat OU in the Red River Shootout, but then went on to lose to OU when they played them and screwed UT's National Championship title hopes). So far everything is on track...OU beat UT in the Red River Shootout, Tech beat OU at home...now will they lose to UT this weekend? Would be really interesting if Tech wins...