Bruonis Bloggers

Ashley - Monday Happenings

I founded Bruonis to create a brand for ladies that like to live life. Ladies who like to go out, play, get dirty and not apologize for any of it. My hopes for this blog is to create a community that builds on celebrating that lifestyle. I will pop in on random days when our guest ladies are off to show you what's new, or in the works.

Melissa - Tuesday Sports

Opinions, she's got 'em. Sports, she knows 'em. When you combine the two this is going to get interesting. Melissa is going to chime in on past week in sports, any sport. Check in on Tuesdays to see what she has to say.

Nicole - Wednesday Fitness

I met Nicole at the Summer Strip Down this past summer in Austin, and there are two words to describe her. BAD. ASS. She will get your ass in shape and you will have fun doing it whether you like it or not. Wednesdays she will give you some trick of the trade to keep your workout going strong each week.

Shana - Friday Music

(pronounced Shawna) This girl has schooled me in music more than once. She knows all the latest and greatest music, musicians and shows. When the weekend is on it's way, Shana will be there to get you ready.