29 November 2011

This Week in Sports

So much happened this week!

Things I liked:
  • After the play in the video below, Ndamukong Suh was ejected from the Lions' Thanksgiving Day game. This is not his first rodeo when it comes to losing his temper and getting into trouble. I love that in his interviews post game he said he didn't do anything at all and that God knows what he did. Idiot. (I like this because they ejected him.) At least he has been suspended for the next two games...as he should be.

  • With Tim Tebow acting as their starting quarterback, the Denver Broncos have won their last 4 games. Way to go Tebow.
  • Matt Leinart, who was starting for the Houston Texas this weekend with Matt Schaub out, was also taken out with a collarbone injury. Oh, the poor baby. I was hoping he'd get to play the Eagles and rematch Vince Young since after loosing to him at Texas in 2005 he thought USC was "still the better team." (So glad he got hurt...is that wrong?) Too bad he's not strong enough to last a whole game in the NFL.
  • The University of Texas and Texas A&M played their last Thanksgiving/rivalry game for who knows how long. It was a really close game, but Texas ended up beating A&M 27-25 in the last seconds of the game. Now Texas has bragging rights for(ever) who knows how long. Of course, the Aggies will bitch and moan for the rest of their lives about the 15 yard penalty against Trent Hunter and use that to say UT didn't really win. Well, if A&M was that much better, a penalty wouldn't/shouldn't have decided the outcome of the game.

Things I didn't like:
  • Why are athletes such actors? I guess the football players are taking it upon themselves to make up for the NBA lockout - fans need the drama [read: flops]. And why do refs go for it? Jerome Simpson is a clown:

Things that surprised me:

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