01 November 2011

This Week in Sports

Things I liked:
  • The NYC marathon is this weekend. I know about 10 people running it and wish I could be here to support them, but I'll be at the Texas v Texas Tech game in Austin. Shout out to my friend Adam who has raised thousands of dollars for cancer research through his upcoming marathon run!
  • 20 years apart (almost to the day), Joe Buck and his dad made the same call (almost verbatum):

  • I haven't talked about hockey yet this season, so I'll go ahead and share this little play by Patrick Kane. Sweet goal:

Things I didn't like:

Things that surprised me:
I'm interested to see what happens with the Texas v Texas Tech game this weekend. Tech has become a notorious National Championship title dream ruiner. Two weeks ago, they beat OU in Norman at homecoming when OU was favored by 30 points. They hadn't lost at home in 39 games. Then, this last weekend, Tech was embarassed at home by unranked Iowa State 41-7! This weekend, Tech is playing Texas in Austin. I'm interested to see how Tech shows against UT. I'm wondering if it will be a repeat of a few years ago, but backwards (in 2008 or 2009 Tech beat UT who was in the running for the National Championship after they beat OU in the Red River Shootout, but then went on to lose to OU when they played them and screwed UT's National Championship title hopes). So far everything is on track...OU beat UT in the Red River Shootout, Tech beat OU at home...now will they lose to UT this weekend? Would be really interesting if Tech wins...

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