03 November 2011

That's What I'm Talking About Thursday

As the weather cools down I feel like I have a TON of pent up energy.  Although I do not personally like cold weather, after being outside I am extremely energetic (as do my dogs after being outside as they tear through the house more and more as the temperatures drop).  I feel like it's less likely for me to have those days where I'm constantly tired, but I also seem to get stuck indoors.

The worst part about the cold temperatures is when you are stuck at a desk.  Little things like squeezing a stress ball just won't cut it so when you get breaks be sure to at least go for a brisk walk to try to spend some of that energy.  If you get enough exercise you may just be happy to sit back down! ;)

For those times where you get stuck at home, what kinds of indoor activities do you do to get rid of that constant energy?  Video game systems like the X-Box Kinect and the Wii can really wear you out in marathon sessions.  I also have exercise equipment in the basement- my favorite being my speed bag and heavy bag because boxing is a great energy release.  What are your favorite exercise machines?

The best part of the temperatures beginning to cool off?  I can now wear my Bruonis thermal shirt.  It's so soft and cozy!  Did you get yours yet?

And That's What I'm Talking About!

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