23 June 2011

Woman of the Week: Lucy Stone


Lucy along with one other classmate were the only two females in a class at Oberlin College. After sitting through multiple debates between their male colleagues Lucy decided that she was there too to learn how to speak publicly and debate effectively.

She stormed down the stairs to the front of the room to give the professor a piece of her mind. Females debating was not allowed in Oberlin College. Though the professor eventually gave in and allowed the two females to debate each other, since a female debating a man was against school policy.

Lucy considered this her first argument win. Her professor finished the argument with words of advice, "Be ready for an uproar."

Lucy is a prime example of deciding to go for something and making it happen. She broke societal norms and for that we salute her!

Do you have a woman of the week? Let us know how she accomplished something or how she broke societal norms and we could feature her on our Woman Showcase.

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