13 June 2011

Weekend Recap: the Zoo & the Lake

We had a relaxing but yet packed weekend.

Saturday all the ladies went to the Zoo. There's nothing wrong with acting like a kid for a day, and what better place to do that than the zoo?! We experienced these amazing animals, fed giraffes and some of us rode a camel. My favorite part was the exhibit where you go into a habitat with 16 spider monkeys (Talladega Nights quotes are going through your head). One of the monkeys, Piper, almost stole my camera. No joke.

Sunday, we all piled into cars and headed for the lake! It was so nice to jump on a paddle board and hang out for the day. While the day was incredibly fun, by the end of the day a two hour paddle turned into six. We should have reapplied sunscreen 3 times, but only did it once. So, today in the office most of us are comparing shades of red. Thank goodness for aloe vera!

Let us know what you did this weekend and share pictures on our facebook wall.

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