02 February 2011

Variety + Challenge = Results

When it comes to fitness, intensity and variety breed results. To most of us this is no secret, however few of us can say we have these two things in mind when we hit the gym after a hectic day of work. We are usually stressing about the day or thinking about the millions of things we still have to do before we crash into bed. I will be the first to admit its much easier to let your brain go on auto-pilot and guide your body through a workout you have done a hundred times before. The simple truth is if you're not challenging yourself each day, you are wasting your time!.

Today I wanted to share a workout with you that illustrates both of these aspects very well. I guarantee some of exercises you will see are not currently in your realm of thinking or capability. I am sure the contestants on the 'Biggest Loser' where thinking the same thing as faced their workouts each day. I encourage you to take small steps each and try new things. You will be surprised what you can do.

Let me know how it goes!

Nicole Renna/ Invictus Fitness

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