07 February 2011

52 Week Challenge: Week 6 - FAVOR-I-TEE

Congratulations to Sara Van Koningsveld for winning Week 5's Challenge "REPRESENT". Check out our facebook profile to see her in her Packers gear! 

Ok so here we are week 6 and this Wednesday is national tee shirt day. Since tee shirts are what we do, we feel this is a big deal. I have a tee shirt that I have had since high school. I love it. It is soft and fits just right, so for this week's challenge . . . we want to see your "FAVOR-I-TEE".

All you have to do is take a photo of your favorite tee, we don't care who it's on or where it's hanging we just wanna see it. Post your pics by Friday 11 February 2011; 11:59 PM PST and you just might be next weeks fan of the week! 

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