15 December 2010


With new year resolutions just around the corner, many of you folks will be hitting the gym for the first time in awhile. While its good to pace yourself, you also want to be sure to maximize your time spent in the gym. Intensity is the name of the game when it comes to results and we all know it. Body sculpting happens when you are working at your peak ( generally 80-90% of your max HR) Aside from your heat rate monitor, there are a few other physical indicators to be aware of to ensure you that you're on the way to the body you want.

- The burning sensation in your muscles while working out is another guideline. I tell clients all the time, “If it’s not burning, it’s not working.”

- It is not necessary or even recommended, but if you throw up you know your workout has been intense. I call it working outside your comfort zone. If you ever ran the quarter mile in high school you know this sensation.

- Soreness is another ultimate indicator of intensity and results. You don’t have to get so sore that you need to hold onto the rails of stall to sit down on the toilet, but if you are not moderately sore EVERYTIME you workout, you are not body sculpting.

Remember what you put in is what you are going to get out. Be sure to warm-up properly and rock it out!!

Nicole Renna / Invictus Fitness

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