13 December 2010

Help us name the new year challenge.

So as you know I like challenges. Last week I challenged myself to leave work at a certain time every day and this week I am challenging myself to not eat out, every meal is cooked at home.

For the new year Bruonis is going to launch a weekly challenge for the entire year. Every challenge will be different, one week might be about fitness and the next will be about challenging yourself to try something new. All we ask is that you submit a photo of you completing the challenge by 11:59PM PST the Friday of that week. The winner of the weekly challenge will be our fan of the week with your picture representing our FB fan page profile pic.

We are still ironing out some kinks and trying to come up with a name for the challenge that will last all year long.

If you have an idea for the name, comment on this blog post. If your name is chosen we will send you some Bruonis vinyl stickers.

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