08 December 2010

Heart Rate Monitors

After working out with a heart rate monitor, I will NEVER go without. This tool is one of the most important, yet simple devices I have found when it comes to exercise. Not only does it help gauge your intensity, but it also can tell you how many calories you have burned. This information is useful because it is important to workout at the proper intensity and makes weight loss a simple math equation. If you keep a food log and use a heart rate monitor you will be able to tell with accuracy your calories in vs. calories out. Doesn't seem hard, right? Take this advice to heart. Get one today, strap it on and prepare to be amazed!

Recommended brand: Polar (www.polarusa.com)

Recommended Model: FT4

Check out Amazon.com .. they usually have great deals!

Nicole Renna/ Invictus Fitness

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