17 January 2012

Roller Derby Time

This weekend we got away and went to Roller Derby. The Bad News Beaters faced off against the Northern Arizona Whiskey Rollers. If you've ever seen the movie Whip It, that's the experience we thought we were going in to. It wasn't really anything like the movie, don't get us wrong, roller derby is a hard sport. Though, it's a community sport and a really good time.

If you've never been, I would highly suggest getting out to one of the matches. The guys go first and then the women come out for the main event. The jammers (the ones that score the points) are amazing on their skates. They have to get around and through the pack to score points and it reminds one of football on roller skates.

We are going again in March and can't wait to see the Jailbirds take to the ring.

Hello Mr. Mustache-butt MC. 

These girls were bad ass. 


Intentional. :)

Sling shot maneuver?

Out on her own. 

Move bitch, get out the way. . . 

Beater Jammer

The pack. 

Some time-out entertainment.

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