23 January 2012

Everybody's got a dream.

Nissan Mobile Office
This past weekend I got to get out with one of my great friends. She's a marine, owns her own line of cowboy boots and is a true blue Texan. We watched the Giants, 49ers game downtown and just started talking about how owning a business is crazy hard and incredibly worth it.

Starting a business right now. In this second is worth it more than ever. America is in a motion of change where people are supporting small independent shops. It's a movement that I couldn't be more behind if I tried.

Our parents and grandparents lived in this time where you got up, went to the office, answered to your boss, clocked out and went home. People today want so much more than that. How can I affect change in a company or the world if I have to go through six managers before it reaches someone who actually matters.

Today's offices can be anywhere, and office hours can be at anytime. Technology has allowed us to live our lives while still accomplishing what we need to. Check out the Nissan Mobile Office at the top.

Do you own your own business? Do you want to own your own business? Tell us about it!

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