27 October 2011

That's What I'm Talking About Thursday

Are you trying to be thrifty, but really want to own your own Ladder Golf set?  Then I recommend that you either carefully research how to make a Ladder Ball game  cheaply or buying one instead to save yourself the time (and possibly the extra dollars!).

Our Midwest crew decided it would be fun to have a Ladder Golf tournament, so we went out and bought all of the supplies, sawed our PVC pipes to the correct length, and proceeded to paint everything in my back yard (including ourselves) while creating some kick butt ladders.  We ended up spending pretty much the same amount of money that we would have had to spend to purchase brand new, professional sets.  Sure, they weren't the prettiest Ladder Golf sets, but they're by far my personal favorites!

Have you been taking on any projects yourself to try to save some money?  What were they and did you end up saving money in the end?

I'm having fun being thrify- and That's What I'm Talking About!

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