12 July 2011

This Week in Sports

Things I liked:
  • Derek Jeter, who has had a hard time proving his worth for the Yankee's lately, made history on Saturday by hitting his 3,000th hit. To push it just a little further, he took it upon himself to make that 3,000th a homerun. Why not.

Things I didn't like:
  • Yesterday was the funeral for a fireman who fell from the stands trying to catch a ball at a Rangers game and died. So so sad.

Things that surprised me:
  • David Beckham and his wife, Victoria, had their fourth child this weekend: Harper Seven Beckham. Seinfeld, anyone? Anyone?
Oh, and if you haven't watched the latest edition of Real Sports, it made me hate Tiki Barber more, but the story about Saadi Qadaffi was really interesting - he basically paid to be on a professional soccer team and never played. Must be nice to be so loaded. There was also a segment about Ann Wolfe, a boxing coach in Austin, Texas. SUPER interesting. That woman's scary!

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