10 May 2011

This Week in Sports

Thing I liked:

Things I didn't like:
  • We still don't know if the owners and players will be able to come to a resolution or if the NFL will have a lockout this year. Greedy bastards.
  • The NHL playoffs have been rather lack luster as the match ups aren't even close. Two of the four Conference Semifinals were sweeps. The only match up still going is San Jose v. Detroit (Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus). San Jose leads the series 3-2.

Things that surprised me:
  • They're trying to prove Lance Armstrong is a cheater again. Seriously, hasn't this been settled like three times already?!
  • Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick really got into it at this weekend's NASCAR race. At least it breaks up the monotony of lap after lap after lap. Both have now been suspended for four weeks and fined $25K each. Go to about 3:45 in this video - that car really could have hurt someone walking in pit row. Oh, also - shouldn't he be smart enough to know that punching someone in the helmet will probably hurt his hand more than the helmet? Maybe I should write him an educational letter...

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