22 March 2011

This Week in Sports

Things I liked:

  • Florida State upset Texas A&M and Notre Dame - The A&M part is the part I like, the other part surprised me.
  • Kansas was the only team that did what they were supposed to in the Southwest - The Southwest is littered with upsets! Illinois over UNLV, Richmond over Vanderbilt, Morehead St (who??) over Louisville. Who would have ever thought we'd have a 12 seed and a 13 seed & a 10 seed and an 11 seed playing each other in the Sweet 16?! (Richmond v Morehead St. and VCU v Florida St.)

Things that surprised me:
  • Marquette beat Xavier and, 3 seed, Syracuse
  • Arizona beat Texas - well, arguably, the refs beat Texas. I do have to say though, if Texas had played better through the entire game and wasn't trying to make a last minute catch up to beat Arizona, the 5 second in bounding penalty that was actually 4.something seconds wouldn't really have mattered.
  • Butler upset one seed, Pitt!
  • VCU, an 11 seed, beat Georgetown, a 6 seed, and Purdue, a 3 seed

Things that didn't surprise me:
  • Everyone's brackets seem to be in shambles. I don't know why we all act so surprised by this every year. Its the same - every. year.
I have nothing to say about NBA, NHL, Nascar, Golf or preseason baseball. I'm peripherally aware of all of them, but entirely disinterested in favor of March Madness.

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