06 December 2011

This Week in Sports

Sooo many teddy bears!!!

Things I liked:

  • Albert Pujols is in a position to become a rich sonuvabitch in the very near future. St. Louis and Miami both want to offer him a contract worth more than $200MM. Must be nice.

Things I didn't like:
  • This years National Championship title game will be played by...wait for it...LSU and Alabama. Oh, wait, I think someone just let the air out of children's balloons everywhere. Or maybe it's people kicking puppies that I hear? I mean, is this for real?! LSU's qualifications and whether or not they deserve to be playing in this game is undisputed, but Bama? Nick Saban has got to be sucking a dick somewhere (is it too soon to say that with everything at Penn State and Syracuse?) - they didn't win their conference, or even their division. Every year there is a questionable team either in or left out of the championship game, but this is bad.
  • Peyton Manning's dad, Archie, is complaining about the Colts wanting to draft Andrew Luck. He doesn't think he and Peyton should play together. Wait...when did Archie Manning's opinion become relevant? Plus, who the hell know if Peyton will even be back to start next season. Sit down, Archie Manning.
  • Matt Forte screwed my fantasy team this week when he sprained his MCL. He'll be out 2-4 weeks. Sucks.
  • Tiger Woods won his first tournament this weekend since 2009. If it were up to me, that guy would never win again and my fiance would stop loving him.

Things that surprised me:

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