05 April 2011

This Week in Sports

Things I liked:

Things I didn't like:
  • Tiger Woods is an arrogant prick, which is shown here through him not even speaking. Awesome. I still really like Phil Mickelson. Go to about the 2:30 mark. 2:50 to about 3:10 really makes me want to meet Tiger somehow and blow him off like he's never been blown off by a woman before. God that would be fun.

Things that surprised me:
  • Golfers have a sense of humor. Here's an April Fools' trick that was played last week by Ian Poulter and Graeme McDowell.
  • Is sports not on a :30 delay? You could obviously hear a player in last night's championship game after being pushed say, "Man, what the fuck?!?"

Yoga challenge update. I have 16 days to go (of my 90 day challenge) and last night I did a head stand for the first time! Yay! I seem to have all my big "firsts" in this one teacher's class. She's so good.

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