29 October 2010

soooo, uh, you like, stuff?!

This is my first ever blog! Awww suki suki! Basically, I'm just feeling things out, updating my profile pic, getting acquainted and what not. Little background info...I work as an exercise physiologist doing various types of cardiovascular stress testing at a cardiologist clinic in San Marcos. I also have been doing personal training at the Gold's Gym in downtown Austin for over 4 years. During the course of this year I completed my first full marathon and half ironman! I really enjoy doing all sorts of running, cycling, triathlons, and sporting events, it makes me happy!

I'm glad to be a part of the Bruonis blog. I was lucky enough to work it on the runway in the Austin fashion show this past July, and it was awweesssommmee! We had a blast! So since I love fitness and Bruonis, and they love each other, let's do this....

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